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Updated Pre-Order For April
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Boneless, skinless chicken breast. Sold by the entire butterfly, usually 1.5-2 lbs each.
Specify how many lbs of jumbo wings, usually 3 wings per lb
Chicken wings that are cut apart with no tips, approximately 8 pieces per lb
# of lbs.
# of lbs.
# of whole chickens, Individually packaged approximately 6-8 lbs each.
# of whole chickens, Individually packaged approximately 3-3.5 lbs each.
# of packages, each package includes 10 chickens cut up: 20 wings, 20 thighs, 20 breasts, 20 drums.
# of lbs, Sold in 1 lb packages or approx. 5 patties.
# of lbs, packed in 1 lb. bags.
# of packages, In 1 lb packages, Approximately 10-12 tenders per lb.
# of chickens, Fully cooked whole chicken.


# of lbs.
# of lbs., Made with chopped ham, packaged in 1 lb. containers.


# of lbs, Ground turkey thighs, no skin.
# of packages, Ground turkey breast with no skin, sold in frozen 1 lb packages.

Turkey Sausage - $3.79/lb.
Turkey Breakfast Sausage - $3.79/lb.
Sold in 1 lb. packages, approximately 12-14 links per package.
Turkey Pot Pies - sold as whole pie

Whole Fresh Turkey - $2.55/lb.
# of Turkey Breasts. 4-6 lbs.
Type a size range in box
# of lbs., Tenderized turkey thighs ready to marinate. These are usually large about 1lb. each.

Turkey Burgers - $4.29/lb.
Packaged in 1 lb packages with 4 burgers.

Turkey Meatballs - $4.29/lb.
Sold by packages. Each weighs between 1-1.5 lb.
# of Mignons, Turkey breast meat wrapped with a strip of pork bacon. Packaged individually.
# of lbs.
# of lbs., Chunky turkey breast, packaged in 1 lb containers.
# of lbs., Chopped smoked turkey thighs, packaged in 1 lb containers.
# of lbs.
# of lbs.

Turkey Snack Stix - 3 for $1.00

Deli Meats

Sold by the pound, half pound is the smallest quantity. Type .5 for half pound.

Deli Cheese

Sold by the pound, half pound is the smallest quantity. Type .5 half pound.

Block Cheese

Sold by the lb. in blocks.


# of eggs per dozen.

Weekly Specials

# of tenderloins, approximately 6/8 lbs. each.
# of lbs., 2 steaks per package (frozen).
# of bags, cut & packaged - 2 steaks to a bag (frozen).
# of lbs., 4 patties per bag (frozen).
# of packages, large 5 lb. packages.
# of pork loins, approximately 8/9 lbs. each.
# of lbs., 1 lb. packages (frozen).
# of lbs., 1 lb. packages (frozen).
# of lbs., 1 lb. packages (frozen),
# of lbs., large drums in packages of 6-8 pieces (frozen).
# of packages., 1 lb. packages.
# of packages, IQF sold in 2 lb. packages.
# of packages, includes 6 pieces (frozen).

*Prices subject to change without notice*