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As a family-owned and operated business since 1939, Hillside Turkey Farms is a privately-owned producer, processor, wholesaler, and retailer of fresh turkey and poultry.

With a full-time turkey farm, USDA-inspected plant, and retail store in Thurmont, Maryland, the company is a community fixture. Hillside Turkey Farms is open year-round — not just for holidays and special occasions — and supplies poultry and other products for many restaurants, gourmet stores, and other niche institutions in and around the Washington, DC. Metro Area, Baltimore, Maryland, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


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Family Legacy Alive

Hillside began on a whim. Farmers Pauline and Ross Smith had a beef and dairy operation. When Pauline received a few turkey eggs, she put them under a chicken, hoping they would hatch. They did, and she raised them and sold them at Thanksgiving — that’s when the light bulb went off. Seeing this as a new opportunity, the Smiths eventually went into turkeys full time. Today, the farm has the ability to raise 180,000 birds per year.

Hillside turkeys are always antibiotic-free, and nothing is ever injected, such as added oils or fats. Almost all of what the company markets is grown and made right in Thurmont.

Today, Pauline and Ross’ grandson, Bryan, runs Hillside Turkey Farms with his wife, Judi, and their children now work in the store – a fourth-generation selling Hillside Turkey Farms products to many third-generation customers too.

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