Ship to You


We offer two services to get product directly to your front door. Your order will be pulled, weighed, priced out, and you will receive an invoice through PayPal. 

Product will be vacuum sealed and placed on ice packs in an insulated bag within your box prior to shipment.

Items on your order may be frozen to accommodate their travel to you.

If your invoice is not paid within 72 hours, your order will be canceled.

Home Delivery

If you live in Maryland and reside in Frederick, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Caroll, Baltimore, Harford, Anne Arundel or Howard County then you automatically qualify for this service. 

Orders are due by Friday at noon. Payment is due Saturday by noon. Shipping and Handling amounts to $30.00 per box.

Deliveries are made on Tuesdays.


We ship to the continental United States. We use UPS and whichever of their services can get our package to your door in two days or less.

Our seasonings, salads, soups, sauces and deli cheeses are not available for this delivery option.

We ship these orders out Mondays. Only orders that have been paid for by noon prior to a shipment day will be sent out. Any order placed after Monday at noon will not be shipped until the following week.

Shipping and Handling is dependent on weight and distance. Average shipping cost for a 20lb box can range anywhere from $40-$150 dependent on destination. Handling averages $20 per box. 

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